Athens Tour Guide

Local tour guide in Greece


Sell private tours in Greece on the Web


  • Create the whole online presence in order to get clients for private tours in Greece.
  • Create and execute the Online Marketing Strategy in order to maximise the visibility


  • Ranked number 4 on Google Search Results for the extremely difficult keyword "athens tour guide".
  • Google PageSpeed score: 96% Desktop, 66% Mobile


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I took the following steps and activities:


  1. Logo design
  2. Color Palette definition

Information Architecture and Content Development

  1. Structure the content needed or the website: Tours, About Me, Contacts
  2. Develop the content for each page

Website Creation

  1. Homepage
  2. Tour Pages
  3. Contact Page
  4. Livechat
  5. Standard conversion rate optimisation techniques: Inclusion of Tripadvisor badges, inclusion of reviews
  6. Mobile optimisation for: Mobile Portrait, Mobile Landscape, Tablet

Google SEO Optimisation of the Website

  1. Optimisation of meta tags
  2. Optimisation of textual content
  3. Optimisation of images
  4. Optimisation of internal linking

Local Business presence optimisation

  1. Set up and optimise Google Business listing for Google SERP and Google Maps
  2. Facebook Page optimisation
  3. Instagram optimisations
  4. Apple maps submission

Google Ads

  1. Set up of the Google Ads campaign
  2. Optimisation of the campaign

Tools set up

  1. Google Tag Manager
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Facebook Pixel
  4. Facebook Conversion Tracking
  5. Crisp Livechat

What they say about me

The quality of Nicolas's solutions is top-notch. He really takes time to understand the root issues and aligns on a problem statement. He's very detailed-oriented and tries to build deep domain knowledge to ensure that his requirements cover complex edge cases/risks.
— Courtney Chin, Senior Director of Fintech
Nicolas is a deep connoisseur of Web Apps and User Experience. I believe his professional contribution is decisive to bring success to an App or Web Marketing project.
— Matteo Serio, CFA
Nicolas has shown creativity, precision and efficiency, but also expertise, availability and extreme flexibility. Despite the difficulty of the project, he has always had a very professional approach.
— Genny Di Consiglio, Co-worker
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Hi, I'm Nicolas :)

My passion is to craft Digital Products.

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