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I offer free 1-on-1 Product Management Mentoring sessions for both seasoned and aspiring Product Managers.

I enjoy mentoring aspiring PMs on topics like crafting product strategy, defining requirements, managing roadmaps, and measuring success.

I believe mentorship is key to developing the next generation of strong product leaders.
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What my Mentees say

The session with Nicolas was extremely valuable. He not only answered my questions but also asked me some of his own to provide further assistance. I highly recommend him. Also, I was very surprised: Nicolas was the first mentor who not only provided a follow-up message with important points I need to pay attention to but also outlined my next steps for improvement and added more ideas in the follow-up. I loved this session!
— Anna Korbut
Nicolas was really helpful when it came to giving me more insight into different levels of Product Management roles and what makes a good Product Manager overall. I gained a lot more clarity into what areas to focus on moving forward. Highly recommend a session with Nicolas!
— Laura Amadi
Nicolas’ expertise and keen insights into crafting an impactful resume were beyond beneficial. The meticulous attention to detail he devoted to reviewing and enhancing each section of my resume significantly transformed its quality, making my resume stand out among others. Nicolas guidance directly contributed to my success in landing a position that aligns perfectly with my aspirations
— Jessica Papalia
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Nicolas Nemni ・ Tel Aviv, Israel