Software Engineering

Excursus: Software Engineering is a big part of Software Product Management. At the same time the Software Product Manager (SMP) is not the Developer or the Technical Lead of the Product. So, what is the separation line between what the SPM should know about Software Engineering and what he should not? My personal advice is that the SPM should know all the basics of Software Engineering and the basic knowledge of the Technology Stack (software and hardware) used by the Product. Why? Knowing this will allow the Product to evolve much faster, because the SPM will be able to avoid a lot of useless discussions and will be able to write better Software Requirements Specifications.

Definition: Software engineering is the application of engineering to the design, development, implementation and maintenance of software in a systematic method. -Wikipedia

Programming Languages Basic Theory


Why study this interactive course? If you want to learn the basics of some of the most popular web languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python, Ruby and much more.

Programming Languages Basic Theory


Why study this interactive course? If you want to learn iOS 9 design and Xcode 7.

Software Engineering Basic Theory

Essentials of Software Engineering, 3rd Edition

Why study this book? If you want to learn the complete life cycle of a software system, from inception to release and through support. It’s based on the SWEBOK and expands and gives examples on the most important topics with a focus on Software Quality.

By Frank Tsui, Orlando Karam, Barbara Bernal

Where to find (and hire) good Software Engineers


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Software Engineering Basic Theory

Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK Guide)

Why study this book? If you want to learn the generally accepted knowledge about software engineering.

  1. Software Requirements
  2. Software Design
  3. Software Construction
  4. Software Testing
  5. Software Maintenance
  6. Software Configuration Management
  7. Software Engineering Management
  8. Software Engineering Process
  9. Software Engineering Models and Methods
  10. Software Quality
  11. Software Engineering Professional Practice
  12. Software Engineering Economics
  13. Computing Foundations
  14. Mathematical Foundations
  15. Engineering Foundations
Programming Languages Basic Theory

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Software Engineering Discussion Boards

Stack Overflow

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Where to find (and hire) good Software Engineers

Stack Overflow Jobs

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