Customer Development

Definition: Customer Development is a four-step framework developed by serial entrepreneur and business school Professor Steve Blank for discovering and validating the right market for your idea, building the right product features that solve customers’ needs, testing the correct model and tactics for acquiring and converting customers, and deploying the right organization and resources to scale the business. —Brant Cooper

Customer Development Theory

Lean Customer Development

Why study this book? If you want to master the Customer Development Process and successfully integrate it into you Lean Software Product Lifecycle.

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Customer Development Tools

150+ Customer Development Questions

Why use this tool? There always some fixed questions that you should ask in your interviews. Each Product then needs specific questions: If you need some inspiration, you can find it here.

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Customer Development Tools


Why use this tool? It’s powerful survey creator, distributor and analyzer. Remember that Customer Development is more powerful when you can have a more “intimate” type of communication with the subjects.

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